Friday, April 8, 2016

UK: Jeremy Corbyn says his brother was 'not wrong' to condemn Jewish MP’s antisemitism fears

The Jewish MP in question is being harassed by antisemitic Labour activists.  Jeremy Corbyn thinks it's 'not wrong' to claim she's a 'Zionist' who can't deal with support for Palestine.

Via Jewish Chronicle:
Jeremy Corbyn has defended his brother for tweeting that it was “absurd” for a Jewish MP to call on the Labour leader to do more to tackle antisemitism.

Mr Corbyn said his sibling, Piers, was “not wrong” to claim that it was preposterous to question the leader’s efforts.

Labour’s Liverpool Riverside MP Louise Ellman had told Sky News on Sunday that some activists were being allowed to “get away” with Jew-hate comments online, and urged Jeremy Corbyn to take action.

Following her comments, Piers Corbyn tweeted that “#Zionists can’t cope with anyone supporting rights for #Palestine”.

But Jeremy Corbyn said yesterday that his party was taking “resolute action” on the antisemitism allegations faced by party members.

Following a speech in Essex, Mr Corbyn was asked by the Sun whether he agreed with his brother’s tweet.

Mr Corbyn said: “We're opposed to any form of racism. We're investigating allegations of antisemitism but I wouldn't call it a crisis. We as a party are taking resolute action.

"I'm doing everything I should do as a responsible leader to ensure that any allegation of any racism of any sort, be it antisemitism, Islamophobia, or any other form of racism is investigated and dealt with."

Pushed by Sun correspondent Harry Cole on whether he believed his brother had been wrong to post the tweet, Mr Corbyn said: “No my brother isn't wrong. My brother has his point of view, I have mine. We actually fundamentally agree - we are a family that has been fighting racism from the day we were born. My mother was at Cable Street."
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