Tuesday, April 19, 2016

UK: ‘A Jewish vote for Corbyn is like a Muslim voting Trump’ says ex BBC chief Danny Cohen

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

Ex-BBC chief Danny Cohen
Former BBC head Danny Cohen has said the Jewish community could not vote for Jeremy Corbyn after the Labour leader repeatedly failed to tackle antisemitism within his party's ranks.

Mr Cohen, former director of BBC TV, said he was “deeply troubled” by revelations of Jew-hate within the party.

In an interview with the Times published on Saturday, he said: “If you are Jewish how can you vote for them? How could you?

“For me it would be like being a Muslim and voting for Donald Trump, how could you do it?

“You have to feel absolutely confident that it is totally unacceptable and it won’t be tolerated and I personally haven’t felt comfortable that it is happening yet in the Labour party.”

Mr Cohen, who stepped down from his BBC post in November, added: “I am deeply troubled about what is going on in the Labour Party. I am deeply troubled that our main opposition party is having such frequent problems with antisemitism. It really disturbs and troubles me.”

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