Monday, April 18, 2016

Germany: Paper complains that "Jews want more money" (for security costs)

German paper Westdeutschen Zeitung decided to use the following headline:  "Jewish community wants more money"

Why do those Jews want more money?

The intro explains that from the Jewish community's standpoint, the risks and associated costs are increasing enormously, due to the influx of immigrants from antisemitic countries.  And because of the community's new school.

This past year, the Jewish community in Dusseldorf established its first Jewish school.  However, the security costs are high, for some reason.  According to the Jewish leaders interviewed in the article, even without the school, the community is pressed financially to pay for all its security costs.

The local Muslim community, btw, supports the Jewish community's need request, but does not accept that the influx of Muslims in any way affects the community's security situation.

Not surprisingly, the comments on the article wonder why Jews even need their own school.

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