Monday, April 25, 2016

France: A locksmith was beaten because assailants thought he was Jewish

Le Parisien has the story (in French).

Three anti-Semitic 15-year-olds assumed that a locksmith was Jewish because he had advertised his company on the Jewish community radio station Radio J. They set a trap and beat the "Jew" up.

The assailants have now been placed under judicial control by the prosecutor of Meaux (Seine-et-Marne).

In late November, the three teenagers heard on the Jewish radio the advertisement  for a locksmith located at the eleventh arrondissement of Paris whose name sounded Jewish. They contacted the firm and made an appointment for the fitting of a security door at a bogus address in Bussy-Saint-Georges (Seine-et-Marne). Their faces hidden and armed with a knife and pepper spray, they kicked and punched an employee sent by the firm.  They made death threats and verbally abused him:  "Give us your money, you dirty Jew". They stole his smartphone, a valuable watch and some papers.

Arrested on Tuesday in their family homes, the three youngsters denied the facts. 
  The police investigators come across antisemitic messages such as "I hate the Jews" on the phone of one of the youngsters.  The victim was able to identify him as he had seen his face during the attack.

One wonders why three young anti-Semites listen to a Jewish radio.

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