Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Poland: University warns foreign students as antisemitic nationalists march, threaten to hang Zionists

pics via CFCA

Via Radio Poland (also here):
Members of the so-called National Radical Camp (ONR) gathered in Białystok to mark the 82nd anniversary of the group's foundation.

The university's international relations office sent a message in English to all foreign students, noting that “a march of a nationalist group will take place in Białystok.


The National Radical Camp was founded in 1934, but it was considered so extreme by the then Polish authorities that it was banned outright just three months after it was launched, following a wave of anti-semitic activity.

The ONR was revived in 1993 and officially registered as an association in 2012.

It is among the groups that organises an annual march in Warsaw on Polish Independence Day (11 March). The last Independence Day March was held under the slogan 'Poland for the Poles, Poles for Poland'.


Meanwhile, the Polish Episcopate published an apology on Tuesday after photographs emerged of ONR members brandishing the organisation's flags in the city's cathedral.

ONR members attended a mass in the cathedral on Saturday, led by Father Jacek Międlar, a priest known for taking part in anti-refugee protests.

The Curia in Białystok claimed in a letter that “the incident resulted from administrative negligence at the parish."

Prior to the mass, ONR members reportedly chanted: "Zionists will hang from the trees instead of leaves."

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