Thursday, December 25, 2014

Belgium: Hamas are terrorists? Look what Israel did in Gaza

This is how Flemish TV VRT decided to introduce viewers to the story that Hamas has been removed from the EU's terrorist list.  With a picture of a destroyed Gaza.

The announcer spent less than 30 seconds talking about Hamas being removed from the terror list.  And I'm really being generous. Three more minutes were dedicated to a discussion of Gaza's terrible situation following the war with Israel.

Zero time was spent on discussing Hamas terror.  Zero time spent on discussing Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. Zero time spent on discussing Hamas dictatorship in Gaza.

But, don't worry.  Removing from Hamas from the EU terror list was just a technical issue.  The EU certainly think Hamas are terrorists.  Why is Israel even whining about it?

It's so obvious that it doesn't even warrant talking about it.

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