Friday, December 19, 2014

EU has never bothered to document Arab terrorism

Every house built by Jews in the West Bank is reported and documented.  But Arab terrorism?  Why would anybody want to report and document that?!

A few years ago I met a Norwegian researcher who came to Israel to study Jewish settler attacks on Arabs.  I asked her: why don't you also study Arab attacks on Jews?  You're just looking at half the story.

Her response: As a researcher I rely on official UN studies.  And they only focus on Jewish settler attacks.

Elder of Ziyon at Algemeiner:
The European Union General Court is saying that it has never independently confirmed that Hamas is a terrorist organization, and that it relied on external sources in making that determination against its own policies.

That’s fine, any organization must follow its written policies.

But this means that ever since the EU was founded in 1993, despite spending tens of thousands of man-hours and untold millions of euros on Middle East topics and on the ground in Israel and the territories, no effort has been made to document Arab terrorism.

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