Friday, December 26, 2014

France: "Today, Jesus would be born at a checkpoint" writes flagship magazine

France's flagship left-of-center magazine, L'Express, has an article titled "Today, Jesus would be born at a checkpoint". There is no mention in the article of Palestnian terrorism.

In August 2014, Christophe Barbier, the publisher and leading editorialist of L'Express wrote these words:

"How will Jews who fear an antisemitic upsurge in France and opt to leave behind them those other Jews who cannot or do not want to go away clean themselves from an accusation of cowardice?"

Michel Gurfinkiel comments:

French Jews have been subjected to unprecedented violence and intimidation for weeks. Many of them are losing heart and considering emigrating, or are actually emigrating — by the thousands — to Israel or other places, including North America and Australia. Still, in the eyes and under the pen of the country's leading journalist, they should be reviled as "deserters." 

In fact, Barbier goes even further. He blames French Jews for many more sins beyond emigration: indulging in self-defense, "bunkerization," support for the Benjamin Netanyahu government in Israel, and, last but not least, an alleged growing sympathy for Marine Le Pen and the far Right. French Jews, as he sees it, are becoming a threat to France as a nation and as a republic. He warns them: "If they think that it is problematic to be Jewish while French, they vindicate those who say that it is problematic to be French while Jewish."

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