Monday, January 4, 2016

Europe starring in Weisenthal Center "Top Ten" list

The Weisenthal Center published its 2015 Top Ten Worst Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Incidents.

The Weisenthal Center chose the San Bernardino attacker's hatred of Israel and Jews as their #1 incident.  Palestinian Authority and Iranian incitement to kill Jews and exterminate Israel only make the #5 and #6 spots, though I think both of the latter drive much of world antisemitism today.    Maybe it's due to the fact that the Weisenthal Center is located in Los Angeles?

ISIS is #2, for their threats against Israel and the Jews. 

Quite surprisingly, the Weisenthal Center does not even mention the Islamic State attacks in Europe against Jews: the attacks in Paris and Copenhagen in which Jews were targeted and murdered by Islamic State terrorists, the stabbing in Marseille or the Berlin plot to attack Jewish targets.  Additionally, Islamic State published a handbook the suggest Muslims ally with anti-Zionists to fight the Jews (and the conquer Europe).

I would also include European media and politicians, from both the right and the left, who blame Israel for ISIS or find ways to justify ISIS attacks against Jews.

Europe does otherwise star prominently in the top ten list:

#3 - EU decision to label products from the West Bank and the Golan Heights.  The Weisenthal Center states that "This use of double standards against Israel typifies modern anti-Israelism and has been at the core of anti-Semitism for many centuries."  At a time when radical Islamist rebels are holding the Syrian Golan, the EU still insists that Israel should return the Golan Heights to Syria. It should also be noted that despite EU protestations that they're only marking products from areas that Israel has not annexed, this includes Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. 
#7 - European culture and sports events.  For example, the boycotting of Jewish-American singer Matisyahu by a Spanish music festival, and antisemitic chanting by sports fans across the continent.
#8 - The British Labour Party - Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and his support for Jew murderers, and MP Gerald Kaufman who accused Israel of fabricating terror attacks.
#10 - Polish incidents of antisemitism - most notably a far-right protest in which a Jew was burned in effigy.
Germany made two of the three "Dishonorable Mentions": Munich for allowing a BDS event on Kristallnacht and Jakob Augstein for comparing the Israeli government to Nazis.

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