Tuesday, January 5, 2016

France: Survivor of Hyper-Cacher shooting is angry with France and leaving for another country

L'Express reports that Zarie, a young Jewish woman who survived the Hyper-Cacher shooting perpetrated by Amedy Coulibaly in January 2015, is "angry with France".  She has since trained as a midwife and she shortly be leaving  for another country

Her sufferings resurfaced after the massacres perpetrated on November 13 - another "Hyper Cacher which made ten times more victims."  Indeed 130 people were killed and 368 were wounded, of which 80–99 seriously, a total of 498 victims.

In France, she says, they must believe that the deaths of 7 and January 9 were not enough and that it took dozens more for them to react and to become aware of the terrorist danger, she complained.

The Telegraph described the ordeal of Zarie and other hostages:

Zarie was at the till, and Coulibaly’s shots grazed her arm and killed her friend. Coulibaly aimed at her legs, but Zarie survived.
“You don’t seem to want to die, so now you are going to help me,” he told her, in an account she posted on Facebook.
Coulibaly ordered her to pull down the shutters and close the metal bars at the main entrance.
A little while later, he ordered her to go downstairs and order the hostages all up to the main shop floor.
“A woman came downstairs to tell us all to go up to the ground floor,” said Deborah.
“We were all terrified. We looked at each other and no one moved.”
A few minutes later, Zarie returned.
“She came back and yelled that he was going to kill everyone if we didn’t go up,” she said. “I stayed hidden. I knew that if I went up he would kill me. That man was insane.”
Some of the other hostages decided to go upstairs, including Mickael, who had gone to the shop to buy some bread and chicken with his son.
Mickael told Le Point magazine that, on climbing the stairs, Coulibaly introduced himself.
“I am Amedy Coulibaly, I am a Malian and a Muslim. And I’m from the Islamic State.”
He forced those upstairs to put their mobile phones on the floor. And one man – believed to be Yoan Cohen – noticed Coulibaly’s gun was resting on the counter. He seized it, but it wouldn’t fire. Coulibaly spotted the movement, spun around and killed him.
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