Tuesday, January 12, 2016

France/UK: French Jews seek refuge in London after gun attacks

After the Financial Times article, Jan. 7, titled French Jews drawn to security in London, the Times today reports:
Synagogues around London have experienced an influx of French Jews in the past year, with French children making up more than 50 per cent of the intake in some Jewish primary schools.

At the weekend, France marked the first anniversary of the kosher supermarket siege in Paris, in which four Jewish hostages were murdered. The siege took place in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre and was a deciding factor for many Jewish families in convincing them to leave France, with London the most popular destination after Israel*.  [...]
A mother of three confided:
"[...] The English are more open to other cultures. I felt in danger in France, but here I don't at all.  [The attacks] strengthened our resolve to leave.  Seeing soldiers with sub-machine-guns outside my children's school.  It was like we were at war".
Rabbi Sam Taylor, from the Western Marble Arch synagogue:
"There has been a steady increase. It's very noticeable.  Every month there are new families or young single people coming to London."
Marc Meyer, the French chairman of the Hendon United synagogue: 
"There is a very obvious issue with antisemitism in France and a great degree of discomfort for observant Jews".

* It is believed that the United States is the most popular country after Israel.

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