Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ireland: Sinn Féin politicians support murdering Jews

Eli (Eliyahu) Amadi, murdered in 1986
The memorial at the site of the murder, vandalized in 2014
In 1986, a Yeshiva student named Eliyahu Amadi was attacked in the Old City of Jerusalem by three Arabs.  They stabbed him more than 40 times and murdered him.

Omar Nayef Zayed was one of the murderers.  He was convicted, but in 1990, after serving just four years of his sentence, he escaped from prison.  He traveled around and ended up in Bulgaria, where he married a local women and had a family.

Recently Israel tracked him down and requested he be extradited.  Zayed managed to escape to the Palestinian embassy where he's been holed up since.

The Irish Sinn Féin party has jumped into the fray to protect the murderer from Israeli justice, calling him a 'political prisoner' and condemning Israeli 'persecution'. 

For the Sinn Féin a murdered Jew is a political act and demanding that he serve his time in prison is 'persecution'. 
Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson and Seán Crowe TD have appealed to the Bulgarian Ministers of Justice and Foreign Affairs to reject Israeli attempts to extradite Palestinian political prisoner Omar Zayed Nayef.

“This is unacceptable and the persecution of Omar Zayed Nayef is a further campaign to criminalize the Palestinian struggle for Statehood. It is a threat to Palestinians fleein[g] persecution and it is imperative that Bulgaria reject Israeli demands to extradite Omar.

Background: Sinn Fein shows support for Hamas, and other anti-Israel measures

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