Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sweden: Labour movement awards anti-Israeli journalist

I'm hesitant to call Gideon Levi an anti-Zionist, but he supports boycotting Israel and constantly justifies terrorism against Jews.

Not surprisingly, this is the type of person that the Swedish labour movement supports. 

Via The Local:
Mitri Raheb, a Lutheran pastor, and controversial Israeli journalist Gideon Levy, who campaigns for his country's withdrawal from Palestinian territories, have been awarded the Olof Palme Prize of 2015.

They both receive the award for offering “a glimmer of hope to a conflict that too long has plagued and continues to plague millions of people and affects world peace”, read organizers' statement.


The Olof Palme Prize is an annual award worth $75,000 granted by the Swedish labour movement. It commemorates the memory of the Social Democratic prime minister, an outspoken international human rights advocate, who was assassinated in the Swedish capital in 1986

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