Monday, March 7, 2016

Belgium: Human-rights activist says Israel is the 'master of the world'

A Belgian delegation headed by a socialist MP Gwenaelle Grovonius was barred from entering Gaza.  Obviously it's big news on Belgian media.

This caused an indignant Jean-Marie Dermagne to post the following message on Facebook:
"Yet another affront which would justify the breaking of diplomatic relations [between Belgium and Israel].  Israel is the master of the world."

Jean-Marie Dermargne is a lawyer, a former president of the Bar of Dinant, a member of the Human Rights League, a vice president of the Union of lawyers for democracy (Syndicat des avocats pour la démocratie), director of Sirde /UCL/ LLN (Catholic University of Louvain). 

During a  debate on Belgian State TV he was presented as Dieudonné's lawyer - at the end of the show, Dieudonné and his wife sent a note refuting the claim and demanding that Dermargne stop saying that he is their lawyer - they named their two official Belgian lawyers. It seems that Dermagne used to be their lawyer but no longer, but he didn't see fit to say so...  

Interestingly and to add to the confusion, Jean-Marie Demargne is also listed as a supporter of RésistanceS, an outfit created by Manuel Abramowicz, a self-styled expert on the far right.

On his Facebook profile photo, Dermagne looks pensive and sports a bracelet with the Palestinian flag.

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