Sunday, March 13, 2016

Netherlands: Palestinian terrorist honored at Amsterdam university cafe

Via Times of Israel:
Amid protest from a Jewish group, pro-Palestinian activists commemorated at the University of Amsterdam a terrorist who died on the run from Israeli authorities after he murdered an Israeli in Jerusalem.

The event honoring Omar Nayef Zayed, who in 1990 escaped to Bulgaria from an Israeli prison, was held Thursday at CREA café, a for-profit event venue owned by the university and on the campus of the University of Amsterdam. Several dozen people arrived at the event, organized by the Students for Justice in Palestine group as part of their Israel Apartheid Week activities.

“The evening will begin with the commemoration of victims of Israeli occupation,” the organizers wrote, “such as Omar Nayef Zayed who was recently murdered by the Israeli Mossad while seeking asylum in the Palestinian embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria.”
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