Thursday, March 3, 2016

UK: NUS accused of hypocrisy after “pushing out” Jewish student from anti-racism campaign

Via TheJC:
The National Union of Students has voted to “push out” Jewish students from an anti-racism campaign, according to a leading Jewish member of the union.

The NUS’ National Executive Committee this week passed a motion ending the practice of giving an automatic leadership place on its Anti-racism Anti-Fascism (ARAF) campaign to a Jewish student.

Izzy Lenga,who sits on the NEC, opposed the motion.

Ms Lenga, who is currently a co-convenor of ARAF, said the motion was a “shameless attempt to push Jewish students out of it”.

Up until now, the ARAF campaign’s two co-convenor roles have traditionally gone to a black student and a Jewish student.

The NEC motion, which was passed at a meeting on Tuesday, called for one position to go automatically to a representative of African, Asian or Latin American descent, but to have the second post be elected by the NEC from any group considered to be an ethnic minority or a member of a marginalised group.

Ms Lenga, who has suffered antisemitic abuse on social media in the past, said ARAF was the only structure in the NUS that allowed Jewish students to talk about antisemitism on campus.

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