Monday, March 7, 2016

UK: Oxford Labour students called Auschwitz “a cash cow” for Jews

Sadly, most students don't seem to have reacted at all...  This story becomes more sordid by the day.

The Sunday Times reports:
STUDENTS belonging to the Oxford University Labour Club allegedly called Jewish students “Zios”, sang a song about rockets over Tel Aviv and called Auschwitz “a cash cow”, according to testimony seen by The Sunday Times.

Evidence given to an inquiry by Labour Students, the national youth body of the political party, into alleged anti-semitism within the club claims allegedly “poisonous” anti-semitic attitudes were displayed by some members. 

The report of the inquiry has not been published despite being completed more than 10 days ago, nor has anyone faced disciplinary action as a result of the allegations.

This weekend some students said they had “lost faith” in the investigation and gave some of their testimonies to The Sunday Times.

Witnesses to the inquiy alledgedly claimed that club members condoned the anti-semitic attacks on synagogues in Paris in 2014 and mocked the Jewish mourners and victims of the 2015 Paris supermarket attack. [...]

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