Sunday, May 8, 2016

Germany: Jews call for dismissal of antisemitic pastor

According to the pastor in question, he called himself 'an antisemite' as a joke.  Because, like most antisemites, he doesn't believe that he really is one.

Via Jerusalem Post:
The city of Bremen’s Jewish community blasted the local Evangelical Church for its failure to fire a pastor who openly declares himself an anti-Semite and plays a key role in stoking hatred of the Jewish state.

“How should we accept a representative for dialogue, who is also responsible for dialogue for the Evangelical Church in Bremen with religious communities in Bremen – and should act in a neutral way – when he openly presents himself as anti-Semitic?” local Jewish leaders wrote in a letter on Tuesday to Edda Bosse, the president of the Evangelical Church in the city.

“We decisively reject working with Pastor [Volker] Keller and are surprised how he continues to influence one of your communities as a pastor,” wrote Jewish community leaders Elvira Noa, Renata Bas and Dr. Grigori Pantijelew, as well as the city’s Rabbi Netanel Teitelbaum.

The Jewish leaders continued, “We are shocked and appalled over Keller not only minimizing anti-Semitism but especially that he misused his position and acted in a way unworthy of his office.”

Keller serves on Bremen’s Council for Integration and plays a role in the absorption of migrants from Muslim-majority countries.

The Jewish leaders wrote that Keller “works with haters of Israel whose criticism of Israel is clearly anti-Semitic.” Keller co-founded the NGO Nord-Bremer Citizens against War, whose members demonstrate in front of stores in Bremen calling for Germans to not buy products from Israel. According to critics, Keller is part of a large anti-Israel network in Bremen that seeks to demonize and delegitimize the Jewish state.
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