Sunday, May 8, 2016

UK: Labour activist suspended for anti-Zionist, antisemitic posts

More of the same.

Via Jewish Chronicle:
A Labour activist has been suspended from the party after the JC brought his antisemitic posts on social media to light.

David Watson, the fundraising co-ordinator for the Walthamstow Labour Party, has been suspended pending an investigation, a spokesperson confirmed.

He shared articles on Facebook alleging that Daesh has used weapons made in Israel, comparing Mossad with the Nazis and accusing Israel of genocide against the Palestinians.

Though he deleted his Twitter account on Monday, cached images reveal that he retweeted an image which describes a Jewish ritual in which a man puts his mouth on a baby’s circumcised penis.

Mr Watson also wrote in a Facebook status: “If I were a Palestinian, like most people ... I'd probably want to be a guerilla fighter and liberate my people from a brutal and oppressive occupation.”

Another post saw Mr Watson call Zionism “a racist ideology.”
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