Saturday, July 19, 2014

Denmark: "Unfortunately there are no dead Jews"

 Jews in Denmark have reported an increase in threatening messages since the recent escalation of violence in Gaza.

Following a TV appearance in which he debated the chairman of the Danish-Palestinian Friendship Association, the Danish Zionist Society’s (Dansk Zionistforbund) chairman Jonatan Møller Sousa has received  a handful of death threats via Facebook.

“I hope you and your Zionist friends burn in hell and experience even more painful deaths than all the small children who have been killed in Gaza,” one Facebook message obtained by Kristeligt Dagblad read.

“Unfortunately there are no dead Jews: We’ll be sure to take care of that in Denmark,” read another.

Sousa is not alone. The Jewish Community in Denmark (Det Jødiske Samfund) reports that of the 18 anti-Semitic incidents reported within the community this year, 13 of them took place in July as the conflict between Israel and Hamas flared up.

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