Friday, July 11, 2014

Turkey: Singer wishes that "Jews will be destroyed by Muslims"

I tried checking Tilbe's twitter feed, but it's filled with horrifying pictures, all supposedly showing how the evil Zionists are killing off Palestinian children, though they are generally pictures from Muslim vs. Muslim conflicts.

Yildiz Tilbe is a Turkish pop folk singer and one of the best selling musical artists in Turkey

Via Wikipedia (and TimeTurk):
In response to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza in July 2014, Tilbe is purported to have said on social media site Twitter: "God bless Hitler, it was even too few what he did to the Jews, he was right" and "The Jews will be destroyed by Muslims, in the name of Allah, not much time left for it to be done"
Tilbe's tweets received support from the mayor of Turkey's capital Ankara, Melih Gokcek, who is a member of the ruling Justice and Development Party and himself a controversial figure.

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