Wednesday, July 23, 2014

NOMEDIA Day: We never show pictures of dead children, but we make an exception for anti-Israel incitement

NOMEDIA Day - Norwegian Media is Antisemitic Day.

Today I will review the Norwegian media's biased view of Israel and it's Jewish population.

In 2009 Norwegian newspaper Aftenbladet published a picture of a child killed when her family's home was bombed was Israel during the Gaza war.

Aftenbladet felt the need to explain.  They don't usually print pictures of bodies and certainly not of dead children, but this time they felt they had to make an exception.  (h/t Norway, Israel and the Jews)

I think I can finish this article here.  Aftenbladet decided that of all the atrocities in the world, of all the children killed, of all the carnage and ethnic cleansing and honor murders and brutality this world can inflict on innocent children, the one picture that they wanted to show was a girl killed in an accidental bombing by Israel, during a war in which Israel tried to stop the constant firing of rockets from Gaza. (this last fact was not mentioned, btw).

So, how did Aftenbladet justify their one time exception?

Aftenbladet wanted to show its readers, the Norwegian people, what the Arab world is seeing.  Not that Aftenbladet bothered to give its readers a critical view of Arab antisemitism and incitement against Israel.  They decided to join in!  Of course, they're just printing this picture, but just that you know, dear reader, that the Arabs are flooded with them.

I'll just repeat this again, because I think it's mind-boggling: Aftenbladet justified anti-Israel incitement by saying that the Arab media does it too.

Now you know why Norwegians are antisemitic. Because Arabs are.  I am not making this up.  In Norway, this passes for journalistic logic.

Of course, Aftenbladet does posses a bit of healthy journalistic criticism.  Therefore they also tell use that while Israel says it's conducting a chirurgical operation, they know for a fact that it is a lie, because Gaza is one of the world's most populated region.

That's right, they justified their antisemitic incitement by resorting to lies that are quite easy to refute with simple googling.

Source: CIJA

As it happens, Copenhagen is denser than Gaza.  Anyway, Aftenbladet knows for a fact that a helicopter can't shoot at a building in a densely populated area and only hit a specific, targeted apartment.  They are experts in modern urban warfare and they have concluded it is impossible.

Aftenbladet didn't think it should report about Norwegian atrocities in Afghanistan either.  The only body of a child the Norwegian public can see is one they can pin on the Jews.

Anyway, this picture was used to illustrate the story about the bombing itself, and then again to illustrate the story of a 'school massacre' in Gaza.

In 2014, Aftenbladet published the picture again.  Though they did not add any new information, their site says the page was updated July 11th, 2014.

Norwegian media - the only western media in the world that declares it wants to give its readers a taste of Arab antisemitism.

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