Wednesday, July 9, 2014

UK: Only Jews can be terrorists

Via CIF Watch:

According to the Independent's on-call freelancer in Israel, Ben Lynfield, only Jews can be terrorists. Not that he says it outright. He just can't bring himself to say that the Arabs who abducted and murdered three Jewish boys were terrorists.  In fact, it's hard for him to remember that those boys were murdered.

In his article "Conflict – a weapon for Hamas in its fight for survival", Lynfield talks about Arab terrorism:
"Israel responded to the kidnapping of three teenagers, which it blamed on Hamas (without proof)"
Let's say Lynfield is right that we don't know it was Hamas. But we do know they were abducted and murdered by Arab terrorists.

When it comes to Jewish terrorism, Lynfield has no problem saying so explicitly:
"Another motive [for Hamas] is that it wants to appear as defender of the Palestinian people against Israeli actions, including the murder of a teenager by terrorists in Jerusalem."
According to Lynfield, there is only one side in this conflict who murders and terrorizes innocent civilians: the Jewish side.  In fact, it's so obvious, there's no need to remind people that the terrorists in Jerusalem happened to be Jewish this time.

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