Wednesday, July 23, 2014

NOMEDIA Day: Norwegian Media is Antisemitic Day

Fredrik Græsvik is a Norwegian journalist for TV2, currently reporting from Gaza.  When Norway's one and only pro-Israel group, MIFF, dared criticize him, Græsvik responded by demanding they be banned.

"When MIFF and Myrland [head of MIFF] spread lies about those of us who have been in Gaza and see what's happening. They shouldn't be allowed in the public arena to spread their hateful hate-campaign".

When asked if he's serious, Græsvik answered: "Yes, as long as they spread lies and hate".

Source: MIFF@Twitter
Turns out Norwegian journalists cannot accept criticism, at least - not Jewish criticism.  Any such criticism should be banned, so that the general public will not hear it.  Græsvik does not differentiate between criticism and hate, between truth and lies.  All of this, while he's reporting from Gaza and serving as the mouthpiece of the terrorist Hamas regime.

Græsvik did not file one report about Hamas war crimes.  He did not send one picture of Hamas warriors.  He sees dead children, but he does not see the terrorists hiding behind them.  Israeli soldiers report that Hamas shoots them while holding babies in their arms.  They say Hamas forces children to shoot at the soldiers.  But Græsvik and his credible journalist friends in Gaza do not report it.  They do not see it.  They do not see Hamas shooting rockets.  They do not see Hamas attacking Israeli towns and villages.  They do not see when Hamas publicly declares that they want to exterminate all Jews. All they see is Israel killing children.

And then he complains that MIFF is spreading lies, hate and incitement and should be banned.

Therefore, today I am going to focus on the role the Norwegian media plays in spreading hate and incitement against Israel, the Jewish state, and the Jews who live in it.  Today is NOMEDIA Day - Norwegian Media is Antisemitic Day.

This day was made possible with help from the excellent blog Norway, Israel and the Jews.

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