Monday, July 21, 2014

France: Protestesr torch synagogue, attack Jewish neighborhood (+ video)


Anti-Israel protesters hurled a firebomb at a synagogue during an unauthorized demonstration in a heavily Jewish suburb of Paris. 
The riot broke out on Sunday afternoon in Sarcelles after a few hundred people assembled at a local metro station to protest Israel’s actions in Gaza, as well as the decision by French Interior Minister Bernard Cazaneuve to ban rallies against Israel following the staging of riots last week outside several synagogues in the Paris region. 
The firebomb was hurled at the Synagogue of Garges-Les-Gonesse at a smaller rally that splintered off the main demonstration. It hit the building but did not cause serious damage, the daily online edition of Le Figaro reported.
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The rioters also looted the nearby [Jewish] shops:
Looters then began raiding shops, wrecking a funeral home and destroying its front window as several protesters shouted: "F***k Israel!". 
Others raided a drugstore which caught fire. Young girls grabbed baby milk inside. 
"We're going to get the cash register," one person shouted, his voice drowned by the noise of a police helicopter overhead and the alarm of a nearby pizzeria.
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