Wednesday, July 23, 2014

NOMEDIA Day: Norwegian media giving the stage to rabid antisemites

NOMEDIA Day - Norwegian Media is Antisemitic Day.

Today I will review the Norwegian media's biased view of Israel and it's Jewish population.

I don't think I can talk about Norwegian media antisemitism without talking about Mads Gilbert.

Mads Gilbert, wikipedia

Gilbert, better known as "the Norwegian doctor in Gaza", came to show his support for the terrorist Hamas group in 2009.  He reported from Gaza, saying that he's drowning in blood, and the Norwegian media (as well as other world media outlets) lapped it all up.

Dagbladet in 2009: -Many children and pregnant women among the injured.
-'we're washing in blood and dead,' says doctor Mads Gilbert in Gaza hospital.

After all, Gilbert was in Gaza.  If he reported that Israel was using banned weapons or killing innocent children, he must be telling the truth.  There's no way a radical leftists who blames Israel and Israel alone for all the troubles of the region would make such things up.

The Norwegian media did not bother applying the basic journalistic standards.  Gilbert was in an area ruled by a terrorist, dictator group.  A group that executed people they did not agree with.  Bodies were dragged in the streets to the cheers of the crowds.  This is a group whose leaders were hiding in the same Gaza hospital Gilbert was reporting from.  The Norwegian media knew this, but decided not to report it.

Instead, they did everything they could to portray Israel as the bloodthirsty aggressor and the Palestinians as innocent civilians, who were attacked for no good reason.

Given this unwavering support by the very people who should have taken a critical view at his reports, it is no wonder that the Norwegian government is now spreading the hate and has added Gilbert's reports to their official Norwegian exam.  Well done, Norwegian Media!  You have contributed to spreading the hate, lies and incitement of Mads Gilbert!

Mads Gilbert is so full of lies and incitement, that Honest Reporting has a special tag for his hateful claims.

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