Wednesday, July 23, 2014

NOMEDIA Day: Norwegian media spreads antisemitic conspiracy theories

NOMEDIA Day - Norwegian Media is Antisemitic Day.

Today I will review the Norwegian media's biased view of Israel and it's Jewish population.

Norwegian media's antisemitic slant did not start yesterday.  In 2004, Bjørn Stærk reported on his blog how NRK, Norway's public broadcaster, got back at Ester Kristoffer, who dared criticize the Norwegian media for being antisemitic (imagine that!).

Well, NRK showed her!  By reporting about an antisemitic conspiracy.  According to Norway's official broadcaster, the Israeli embassy, no less, was running a secret network of Christians to influence Norwegian public opinion.  How devious of those Jews!
On the Saturday evening news, NRK took revenge. 
I was there during part of the filming. The journalist was quite clear on the angle. He had begun to notice a strong anti-Israeli mood in Norway, bordering on hatred, had heard about Ester's criticism of NRK and other media, and wanted to give her a chance to present her case. Because of her involvement with the antisemitism meeting, they did some filming with other people in the project present. I didn't quite believe his story, but I have no reputation I care about losing, and didn't object to being filmed. 
I didn't catch the interview, and NRK hasn't put it online, but it appears that when it aired on Saturday, the friendly angle had been replaced by a conspiracy theory in which the Israeli embassy supports a secret network of Christians, through which it hopes to manipulate Norwegian opinion. This is utterly false, pure invention. It's the kind of lie that demonstrates the inspiration of antisemitic ideas on modern anti-Israelism. People don't just spontaneously come together to contradict what everyone agrees to be common sense. No, they form secret networks, with nameless and influential members. And at the center of it all, pulling the strings, there's always a Jew.

Don't believe it?  We all know that Norwegian journalists do not spread lies, hate or incitement. Definitely not against Jews.  So it must be true.

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