Thursday, July 31, 2014

Norway: NRK reports that "US media is controlled by Israel lobby"

Via Norway, Israel and the Jews:

Gro Holm is a senior news anchor for NRK, Norway's public broadcaster and is currently their correspondent in Washington.  She is married to Kai Eide, a former UN special envoy to Afghanistan and Kosovo.

In a recent article, Holm explained to the Norwegian public why the US supports Israel: the media is controlled by the Israeli lobby.  Despite that, some of them tried to show the Palestinian side.

Pay attention closely: the article claims the "Israeli lobby" controls the media, but then smoothly explains that Jews are over-represented in the US media market.  Holm does highlight the few who don't 'fall in line' with Israeli propaganda.

Because, obviously, there can be no other reason.  It must be Jewish mind-control.

That's right. Norwegian media resorts to antisemitic conspiracy theories to explain why Israel's ally supports Israel.

Holm is not an anti-Zionist, she is an antisemite.

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