Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sweden: Antisemitic storm after politician suggests Hamas should stop firing at Israel

Via Folkbladet:

Swedish politician Stefan Löfven, head of the Social Democratic Party, wrote on his Facebook page that Hamas should stop firing rockets at Israel, and that Israel should abide by international law.

For suggesting that Hamas should stop firing rockets he was criticized by various leftist politicians, as as Lars Ohly (MP and former Left Party leader) and Valter Mutt (Green Party).

The media also joined the party when they reported about the criticism against him and completely ignored the fact that this criticism was often simple antisemitism.

For example, the Local, an English-language paper reported that: "By the next morning the post had over 2,500 comments - most of them negative."

What does "negative" mean in this context?

As Folkbladet points out, those comments claim Hamas are freedom fighters and that Jews shouldn't be allowed to exist.  Phrases such as "Jew pigs" and "Jew bastards" appear often, as do various conspiracy theories (Jews control the world, Jews killed former Prime Minister Olof Palme).  Some comments accuse Jews of being the new Nazis and following in Hitler's footsteps, while others say Hitler didn't finish the job.

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