Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ireland: Sinn Fein shows support for Hamas, and other anti-Israel measures

Ireland is long known for its pro-Palestinian stance, but with the outbreak of Operation Protective Edge two weeks ago, some Irish politicians are becoming increasingly strident in their anti-Israel rhetoric and actions. 
In the final session of the Dáil, the lower house of the Irish legislature, before the summer recess last week, Sinn Fein party leader Gerry Adams pulled what critics have termed a pro-Palestinian “publicity stunt.” Adams asked his fellow parliamentarians to join him in standing for a minute of silence in solidarity with “the people of Gaza and the Middle East.” He made no specific mention of the citizens of Israel. 
As can be seen from a video filmed in the Dáil, members of the chamber acceded to Adam’s request. Some also held up small posters of the Palestinian flag.

I don't want to bring the entire article, but if you want to read more about how much Irish politicians hate Israel (and see nothing wrong with Hamas), it's right here: Times of Israel

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