Monday, July 21, 2014

UK: Israel has 'proved it's point', says deputy PM

Israel has only 'proved it's point' if you think it's bombing Gaza to make a point, and not actually trying to protect itself.

Terror tunnels are still being discovered inside Israel. Today a terror cell infiltrated Israel.  If he really believes Israel has a 'right to defend itself', Israel is far from finished and far from 'proving it's point'.

Israel's air strikes in Gaza have been "deliberately disproportionate" and amount to "collective punishment", said British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, in comments that are in stark contrast with Prime Minister David Cameron’s statements supporting Israel.  
"I really do think now the Israeli response appears to be deliberately disproportionate, it is amounting now to a disproportionate form of collective punishment," he told LBC radio station.  
Clegg is the leader of the Liberal Democrats, the junior partner in the country's coalition. "I really would now call on the Israel government to stop. They've proved their point," he said, affirming his belief that Israel has a right to defend itself “in the face of violence.’’ 
"Regardless of which side you are on in this ancient bloody conflict, no one can feel indifferent to the spectacle of this overcrowded, desperate sliver of land in Gaza, where so many thousands of people are suffering” Clegg said.

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