Sunday, November 9, 2014

Belgium: Dutch Neo-Nazi leader wears Palestinian keffieh at demonstration in Brussels

Eite Homan and Karl-Jan Walle, Brussels Nov. 6, 2014
A union demonstration in Brussels against government austerity turned violent as hundreds of demonstrators clashed with the police.  A hundred police officers were hurt.

Two Dutch Neo-Nazis, Eite Homan and Karl-Jan Walle, were spotted among the demonstrators. Eite Homan was wearing a keffiyeh, a pro-Palestinian symbol.

According to, together with other Belgian and Dutch Neo-Nazis, they attended a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Brussels in August.
Eite Homan (circled), Brussels Aug. 14, 2014 and during a Neo-Nazi meeting in the Netherlands, date unknown.
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Also, an unidentified anti-Israel demonstrator was seen covered with a Palestinian flag.
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