Friday, November 7, 2014

UK: Anti-Semitism is now a significant problem for the Manchester Jewish community

Who are these people who march through our cities, shouting “Palestine will be free; from the river to the sea”? For a start, most of them have no connection with Gaza, east Jerusalem or the so-called West Bank. No, they are a rag-bag of Marxists, anarchists, professional protesters, converts to Islam, third-generation British Muslims, and immigrants from north Africa and southwest Asia.

They have taken on the cause of Palestinianism not because they care about Palestinian Arabs, but because it is the frontline of an Arab-Muslim supremacy movement that detests both Israel and the Western world. In other words, these people are the “third intifadists” – delinquents who want to “shake off” Judeo-Christian culture and bring down liberal democracy.

In 2014, the city of Manchester in England became the focal point of the third intifadists who clashed with the police and the local Jewish population. Anti-Semitism is now a significant problem for the Manchester Jewish community, which has faced an unprecedented wave of abuse and intimidation.

I [David Semple] have lived in a number of English-speaking countries but never have I witnessed a spectacle as shameful as the mass invasion of Manchester by boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) campaigners. I first noticed these people flying the so-called Palestinian flag in Piccadilly Gardens in June. School teachers on strike, together with Marxist students and British-born Islamists, were condemning the “Zio-Nazis” and crying for Palestine, a nation that does not exist.

More: Jewish Media Agency via Daphne Anson

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