Sunday, November 9, 2014

Norway: Anti-racism group demands Jews be excluded from Kristallnacht memorial event

Via Norway, Israel and the Jews:

Dagen's headline to this article is "Demanded Memorial Without Zionists", but as you can see below, the issue wasn't Zionists, it was Jews, plain and simple.

An anti-racism group called "Nye SOS Rasisme" will not take part in the general Kristallnacht memorial march in Bergen, since their demand to exclude representatives of the Jewish community was not accepted.  Anne Sender, a former leader in the community, will speak at the memorial.  It is interesting to note that Anne Sender is a vocal critic of Israel.

"Nye SOS Rasisme" say they will conduct their own procession with banners against Israel, such as "Zionism is Racism".  On their website they explain that the day marks opposition to racism, harassment and genocide, but that today Israel is a racist state.  Zionism means that Jews have their own state, where they will be the majority and where they will have more rights.  Just like Nazis did not want their state to be corrupted by Jews, the Zionists do not want their state corrupted by Palestinians.

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