Friday, November 14, 2014

Germany: Memorial ceremony at Europe's second largest Nazi cemetery

On Sunday, the 16th of November 2014, the German national remembrance day, a large event will take place at a German military cemetery – not in Germany, but in Holland. Buried there in Ysselsteyn are almost 32,000 Nazi soldiers, including about 2,500 SS-men. This is the second largest Nazi-cemetery in Europe, situated in the town of Venray near Nijmegen in the Netherlands. 


The organiser of this event, the Volksbund Deutscher Kriegsgräberfürsorge [German War Graves Commission], is planning a major but highly questionable gathering and has ensured the attendance of the German ambassador to Holland as host, the governor of the province of Limburg, the mayor of the town of Venray, NATO-generals and other Dutch and NATO-officers stationed at the Eindhoven air base and at the German-Dutch unit in Münster, in Brunssum and other dignitaries.


The Volksbund is planning an afternoon of shameless and willful deceit. The Volksbund is deliberately confusing perpetrator and victim, trying to propagate the idea that most ‘German’ soldiers were just ‘victims’ also. We will have none of it.

In documentation issued just weeks ago (see attm.), the Volksbund implies that the ‘German’ soldiers of WWII were just as ‘brave’ and ‘deserve’ just as much honour, remembrance and compassion as the soldiers of WWI and the Allied liberators of WWII. The Volksbund is now expressedly trying to blur the memory of the horrifying and murderous crimes against humanity of the Nazis, the Wehrmacht and more particular the SS.

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