Monday, November 24, 2014

Norway: NRK completely unbiased about whether terror attack was a traffic accident or not

On October 22nd, Abdul-Rahman Al-Shaludi drove into a group of passengers standing at a Jerusalem train stop.   A 3-month old baby and a young woman were killed in the attack.

The home of the murderer's family was now destroyed.

NRK chose to report about it with the following headline: "Son drove over a baby - Israeli forces destroy mother's home".

He didn't murder a baby.  He drove over one.  It happens.

The article starts with the murderer's mother telling how horrible it was to have her home destroyed.  Then it goes into a discussion of whether it's a war crime.  Finally, we get to the reason why the house was destroyed.  Way down at the bottom of the article: Israel says it's a terror attack, there were several similar attacks at the time, but the mother disagrees.

According to NRK a baby and a man were killed.  They can't even get the details of the victims rights.

"Violence will only lead to more violence," warns the mother.

And NRK highlights that.  Because killing innocent Jews is not violence that leads to more violence.   Trying to deal with a wave of Palestinians attacking innocent Jews is.

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