Monday, November 24, 2014

UK: Jewish politician quits Lib Dems over antisemitism

I could never understand why they were called the Liberal Democrat party, but unequivocally failed to support the only liberal democracy in the Middle East.

Another foul message from Bradford MP David Ward, after the terrorist attack on a shul in Jerusalem on Tuesday, was the final straw for me. He has made repeated statements that I, and many Jewish News readers, would consider anti-semitic. Ward has received almost no sanction from his party previously, and nothing will happen to him this time either. As a result, I took the difficult step to leave the party.

As recently as May I was a candidate in the Childs Hill Ward of Barnet, which includes bits of Golders Green. Not surprisingly many Jewish residents of the area refused to vote for me or my fellow Jewish candidates, because they believed our party to be anti-semitic.

Not anti-zionist, not-anti Israel, but anti-semitic. How did a centrist, mainstream, political party get itself into such situation?

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