Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Opinion: Jews are murdered because Europe supports antisemitism

Today is a very sad day in Israel - two Palestinian Arabs entered a synagogue armed with a gun and butcher's knife, and killed Jews, as they were standing in prayer.

This was not a terror attack.  It was a hate crime, directed at Jews.

Just yesterday I tweeted as follows:
EU will not give money to BNP to incite against Jews, but they support the PA, who do the same. #hypocrisy #antisemitism 
Fatah official calls for blood to ‘purify’ Jerusalem of Jews. …  EU complicit, do not condemn incitement to murder Jews 
European Jews will get killed because EU supports PA incitement. No condemnation, no demands.  
What's the point of having a whole symposium about fighting antisemitism when you support the people who want to kill Jews? I don't get it.

Those European countries that bothered, met just last week at the OSCE conference on antisemitism.  There, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, urged Europe to act.
Power urged European leaders to appoint high-level envoys to focus on anti-Semitism; pass hate-crimes legislation, and vigorously pursue and prosecute perpetrators; and uphold the clear distinction between legitimate political protest and anti-Semitism.
But even the US itself does not act.

When it comes to Palestinian antisemitism, incitement and hate, the West stands silent.  Oh, sure, they condemn attacks when they occur.  But they only condemn the attack itself.  They do not condemn the people who incited to the attack.

Europe is upset at Israel for building houses in Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

But it does not get upset at the Palestinian leadership that calls for Jewish blood to be spilt.

It's no wonder that Europe can't deal with antisemitism and that its own Jewish residents fear to walk the streets.  It's because European leaders accept Jew-hatred by Palestinians.  As long as you have a good excuse, we understand that you want to murder innocent people whose only crime was praying in a Jewish synagogue.

The people who rush to recognize Palestine, but who stay silent when the Palestinian government calls to murder Jews, are responsible for today's bloodbath.

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