Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Norway: Aftenposten - Yes to Palestine, No to Israel

h/t Norway, Israel and the Jews:

"Aftenposten thinks: a serious mistake to make Israel into a Jewish State".

This is Aftenposten's headline for its editorial on the "Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People" law currently being debated in the Israeli parliament.

The editors say as follows: "If Israel constitutionalizes a distinction between Jewish and non-Jewish residents, it will mean that Israeli Arabs will have a formal status as second-class citizens in their own country".  It could even get to the point where Israel will have an apartheid regime.

I'll spare you the details, because the editors obviously haven't read the law or know what it's about. I suppose they really don't care.  

As long as they can blame Israel of discriminating against Arabs, all is good, right?

What Aftenposten doesn't realize is that Israel is already a Jewish state, just like Norway is (gasp) a Norwegian state.   The debate is not on whether to make Israel into a Jewish State, it's how to preserve it as one.

When Aftenposten say they're against Israel as a Jewish State, what they're saying is that they're against the two state solutions.  They're against one state for the Jews and one state for the Palestinians.

Since we know they favor a Palestinian state, I wonder what that leaves for the Jews.

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