Friday, November 21, 2014

Germany: 27% think Israel is like Nazis, 18% think Jews responsible for their persecution

According to a bi-annual survey by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation more than one in four respondents equated Israel's treatment of Palestinians to Nazi persecution of Jews during World War Two. 
When asked in September whether they believed that because of their actions in Gaza Jews were partly responsible for their own persecution, 18 percent of respondents agreed, up from less than 8 percent in June. 
Just over 27 percent of those surveyed in September said they agreed with the idea that Israel's treatment of the Palestinians was no different than Nazi persecution of Jews during the Holocaust. In 2004, over 51 percent of respondents agreed with this statement. 
One in five respondents, in the survey of 1,915 German citizens, said Israel's policies made Jews less likeable.

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