Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jerusalem synagogue attack in the European media

There's a lot of talk about how CNN and other networks portrayed the murderous attack in Jerusalem.

Here's a few examples of European news sites that found it hard to say "Palestinians killed Jews" in one sentence.

Quite a few news sites reported the attackers are 'thought to be Palestinians' or 'assumed to be Palestinians'. Here's a few from Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal.

The same Europe that thinks it should recognize Palestine apparently finds it harder to recognize Palestinians.  Especially when they're holding an axe and killing Jews.

Belgian HLN include the terrorists in their death toll.  Headline: Six dead in attack on synagogue in Jerusalem.

De Telegraaf manage to write an entire article without mentioning the attackers are Palestinians.  Though it can be understood from the context.  Headline: Dead in Jerusalem synagogue attack.

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