Tuesday, November 18, 2014

France: Student who posted vile antisemitc Tweets has been identified and located in Geneva

French blog The Inglorious Basterds has revealed the identity of the author of a Tweet message rejoicing in the murder of 3-month old Haya Zissel Braun Z’al.  She is reported to be Sarah Tiziana Jaffrey, a student at the University of Geneva.  She is of French-Pakistani origin and daughter of a diplomat. She wrote on her account 'Justice is coming':

"It makes me happy to look at the face of this small whore. I would have loved to look at the bitch's mug when she died."
Sarah Tiziana Jaffrey
Her Facebook page features three antisemitic groups:
More on her Twitter account: "What does one say when one sees a Jew? Go back to Auschwitz :)"
"I hope that Ebola spreads everywhere in Israel and that an efficient insect-killer will eradicate all those turds".
"Jesus was killed by the Jews and ever since God has rejected them."
"Kikes have to be killed at birth."

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