Thursday, November 13, 2014

Norway: NRK asks "What is wrong with Israel"

h/t MIFF

The NRK actuality show Urix dedicated a recent show to Israel-US relations.  In that capacity, they interviewed an American (Max Blumenthal) about Israel.

The Norwegian interviewer started by asking Blumenthal some hard hitting questions: "What is wrong with Israel"?

After which Blumenthal got the stage to start comparing Israel to Islamic State.  "Israel is the Jewish State in Israel and the Levant, or JSIL," he said.

"You're comparing Israel to a terrorist organization," the interviewer pointed out.  Which allowed Blumenthal to explain why that was indeed the case.

It went downhill from there, with the interviewer wanting to know when other American Jews will see the light.

At no point did the interviewer challenge Blumenthal's opinions.  He said Israel is a terror organization, so it must be so.

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