Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Netherlands: Muslims try to run down Chief Rabbi

Via Nieuw Israëlietisch Weekblad:

Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs,  chief rabbi of the Netherlands, says he was attacked last week.

He had filled up his car at a gas station and when he was about to go pay, he saw two Arab youth in a car, looking at him.  He first waited for them to pass, but they continued watching him.

When he started crossing, they suddenly sped towards him, then stopped and cursed him.  He jumped out of the way just in time.

He notified the police, but didn't lodge a complaint, as nothing criminal happened.  He says that if he'll complain every time somebody curses him for being a Jew, he'll have to go every day to the police station.  However, he says he saw it as an attack and that they wanted to scare him.

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