Sunday, October 11, 2015

Belgium: Police agent in court for antisemitic Facebook post

Note his defense:
1. The media made him think Israel is committing genocide
2.  Belgium honors President Erdogan, who says Israel is worse than Hitler.  So why is it a problem when he says the same thing?

It is easy to blame Muslims for antisemitism, but European media is complicit in incitement against Jews, and European countries are complicit in Muslim antisemitism when they do not condemn it.  If you explain away Iranian or Turkish antisemitism, don't be surprised when your own citizens think Jews are evil.

Via brusselnieuws:

An agent of the Belgian Federal police appeared in court for posting antisemitic content on Facebook during the last Gaza war.

The agent wrote that Israel's atrocities surpassed Hitler's and that he understood why Hamas won the elections.  He compared former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon to Khaddaffi and Hitler and compared Jews to dogs.

The prosecutor requests a symbolic punishment to make clear that such statements are unacceptable.

The agent, who is well-respected by his colleagues, was a kid during the Somali civil war.  He says he has seen people die in bombings and that he thinks anybody who bombs children in schools and hosptials is bad, whether they're Israeli or Soamli.

However, he says he reacted emotionally to the pictures of Gaza he saw on the news and that he didn't fully realize that his Facebook account was so public.  He shouldn't have generalized so, but Turkish president Erdogan also made the Hitler comparison and was received by the Belgian king.

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