Friday, October 16, 2015

Russia: Russia Today Airs Bizarre Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory About Hillary Clinton

Russian braodcaster RT's new conspiracy theory.

Via Tablet:

But on Tuesday, it aired a segment on Hillary Clinton called “Obvi-Illuminati,” that was unhinged even by RT’s exceedingly low standards. In it, anchor Lori Harfenist claimed that Clinton was the “Illuminati candidate,” and proved it by pointing to the logo of a technology company working with her campaign, which vaguely resembles the mythical group’s symbol.

Harfenist then threw in some anti-Semitism for good measure, noting that the alleged Illuminati tech outlet’s parent company has a Hebrew name. “Not only do they have an Illuminati logo,” she intoned, “they also have backers who speak Hebrew.” Because of course any self-respecting global conspiracy to undo democracy and repress the masses must be Jewish.   more

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