Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Poland: Jewish cemetery dug up in quest for gold, says NGO

In case anybody wonders why stereotypes like "Jews hoard money" can actually have harmful effects.

Via Jerusalem Post:
Residents of a small Polish village that was once the home to a vibrant Jewish community have been digging up the graves of their former neighbors in a quest for buried gold, according to an Israeli Holocaust commemoration NGO.

Jonny Daniels, the executive director of From The Depths, said he had received several calls from residents of the Polish town of Głowaczów, reporting that graves had been dug up.

“As a foundation working on the ground in Eastern Europe, we often heard the stories of locals ‘digging for gold’ in the Jewish cemeteries, we even had mayors of cities ask us if the rumor that Jews were buried with their gold was true,” he said.

“After the third call received on our ‘Matzeva [headstone] Hotline’ giving us information of locals digging in the Jewish cemetery of Głowaczów, Poland, we decided to go see for ourselves, and found something that shocked me to my core, we saw the bases of tombstones overturned and even a spade left underneath.  more

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