Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sweden: Hungarian promoter of antisemitic writers invited to Göteborg Book Fair

Via Hungarian Free Press:
Géza Szőcs, a Romanian-born poet, is one of the foremost promoters of Hungary’s anti-Semitic writers from the Transylvania region (today part of Romania). He was invited to the Göteborg Book Fair. According to the official program, Mr. Szőcs is scheduled to appear on Saturday, September 26th, in the afternoon, with Ms. Katalin Mezey as moderator.

We protest the invitation of Mr. Szőcs to speak at the Göteborg Book Fair.

In May 2010 Mr. Szőcs was appointed Hungary’s Secretary of State for Culture by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. In this role Mr. Szőcs succeeded in making anti-Semitic writers part of the required public school curriculum.  more

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