Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Netherlands: Government chooses terrorism-supporter to judge human-rights groups

It's okay.  She only supports terrorism against Jews.  No reason to get upset or anything.

Via NGO Monitor:
Meet Amira Yahyaoui, a Tunisian "human's rights" activist, a passionate supporter of flotillas and violent acts against Israelis, and one of the five judges chosen by the Dutch foreign ministry to decide who will win a $100,000 human rights "#Tulip_prize".
Here are some of Yahyaoui's Tweets
"He [the terrorist] is just 16 and was executed by the terrorist state Israel #Intifada" (17 October, 2015)
"Today all Arabs should unite for one priority in the region Palestine and condemn the horrible colonial power supported by "democracies"" (14 October, 2015)
"Today the Palestinian people's fight to evict settlements is called terror" (15 October, 2015)  more

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