Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Malta: "The Jews are the real terrorists. Wherever they go, there is bloodshed and war"

Such comments appear quite often on social media and comments online, and do not often get to the top news.  I guess it's a slow news-day for Malta.

Note that the perpetrator here is a Labour Party candidate.  He does not think it's racist at all to say that Jews are responsible for war wherever they go.

Via Times of Malta:
Social Solidarity Minister Michael Farrugia replied that “everyone has the right to their personal opinion” after a consultant posted potentially anti-Semitic remarks on Facebook.

Family therapist Charlie Azzopardi wrote on his personal Facebook page on October 8: “The Jews are the real terrorists. Wherever they go, there is bloodshed and war” (translated from Maltese).
The comment accompanied a news video of undercover Israeli security forces infiltrating and attacking a group of Palestinian stone throwers during the recent escalated violence in the region.

Speaking to the Times of Malta yesterday, Dr Farrugia said the comments did not reflect his own personal point of view, adding he did not feel he should involve himself in anyone’s personal opinion.

“Dr Azzopardi has to defend that opinion himself,” the minister said. “I can only speak about my opinion about the Middle East, which is that I want to see peace, including a Palestinian State.”

When contacted, Dr Azzopardi refused to comment on the incident, saying only he would leave it up to the public to decide “what is racist and what isn’t”.

Dr Azzopardi, who unsuccessfully contested the last general election on the Labour Party ticket, is employed by the ministry as a consultant on “family issues” on a €17,000 annual contract.   more

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